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At Pro-Turf we start by walking your property and recording specific data which is then detailed on a laminated property map to be used by our trained and highly experienced service providers. This, combined with mandatory work logs and GPS tracking in every vehicle and piece of equipment, makes for rock-solid record keeping that not only ensures the safety of visitors to your property, but protects you as well.

Our flexible contract options are designed to work around your budget and needs, and  allow for rates based on per push, per event, per inch, or full season contracts. You will also have 24/7 access to your area manager via phone or text, and access to an online billing portal for viewing and managing invoices and payments.  We make managing the snow easy!


Over the course of sizable winter storm events the snow can really pile up, to the point where there is literally no space left to push the snowbanks, and precious parking space begins to be threatened. When accumulated snow mounds take up parking spaces and become a driving hazard it's time to move them with Pro-Turf's Snow Moving & Stacking service.

We can set up your contract to automatically add this service for every 12" of snow that falls, or quote a new proposal upon seasonal needs.

Most of the time, this service is performed overnight, so there is no disruption to your business or customers.

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When even Snow Stacking can no longer hold back the steady growth of snow piles into parking lot paces it's time for a Snow Haul & Disposal. We have the big loaders it takes to move all that snow into our fleet of Pro-Turf dump trucks which will take it from your property to an approved snow dump site.

Our Commercial  Snow Hauling services are available 24/7, even without a seasonal contract,  so never hesitate to give us a call, anytime.


We offer local weather alerts emailed right to your inbox. We offer this as a free service to both our commercial clients and the public.
We will never spam you or sell your email address!

With almost 2 decades of experience in commercial property maintenance, Pro-Turf is the company you need for all your commercial landscaping and snow services!

We have over 15  years experience in hydroseeding. Our hydroseeder trucks are the envy of the competition! We do both residential & commercial hydroseeding.

Bark blowing is different than hand application. We can install more mulch in less time and travel all over New England. We service residential, commercial, playgrounds, & more!

We provide residential & commercial sprinkler services, installation, and repairs, for all of Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. We install Wi-Fi Controllers too!

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